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It's time you meet your high-intent customers!

Introducing the first ever, first-party, data-driven, brand matching engine:®.

It’s just like a dating app, only instead of matching with other people, users match with brands they want to engage with, opening a direct line of communication between the user and your brand through our proprietary in-app messenger. Users build a 360-degree profile by answering comprehensive personal questions in a fun, gameified way, along with behavioral, location, transaction and other data explicitly with the consent of our users.

These are more than just qualified leads.

Data points include:

Basic & Extended Demographics

Geolocation & Location History

Credit Score

Rent & Mortgage

Finances & Transactions

Politics, Hobbies & Lifestyle

Household & Real Estate

Sports & Leisure

Food & Beverage

Media & Entertainment


Travel & Vacation

Music & Concerts


Health & Medical



Video Games & Apps

Business & Workplace


Get Tangible Results. Right Here, Right Now.

Our one-of-a-kind, proprietary customer acquisition channel drives unparalleled engagement, consistently exceeding industry averages…exponentially.

How we can help:

First, we introduce new customers to your brand.

Next, we create a direct line of communication between your brand and our engaged users.

At last, you can target users that fit your desired brand customer profile!

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